Saturday, June 18, 2005

Narita Airport: Zaru Soba and "Meron Soda"


At long last - melon soda! (from Fanta - have you ever been to the Coke Museum in Vegas?) I was hoping that Japanese places in Singapore would have it, but after a long and fruitless search, alas, there was none. So only when transiting through Japan can I get a meron soda. together with a refreshingly cold zaru soba with scallions and wasabi; just what I needed after a flight that seemed longer than it really was.


Actually, the photo above has nothing to do with food, but having a Japanese operator listed on a GSM phone still has a huge novelty for me, considering all these years of feeling disconnected whenever going to Japan. For me, I would buy a 3G phone not for all that videoconferencing fluff, but rather simply the ability to roam in Japan with your existing SIM card (with SMS and data capabilities too). Yay! What a geek I am.

Now we just need Korea to get on WCDMA. (when pigs fly)

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