Saturday, May 07, 2005

Ramly Burger

Love it or hate it, Ramly stirs the emotions. I just love all the butter and egg. Something about dodgy Malaysian government meat quality health codes create an ironic sense of adventure in it too. But OH does that grease sit well in an alcohol filled stomach!

...or anytime returning from Malaysia, like this time coming back from a dive trip in Pulau Aur. I ate two and a half on the bus and felt pretty sick. But oh is it good. I had two more in KL a couple weeks later.


matthew said...

I love the Ramly style, I had my first on some dudes front lawn in Langkawi. Man that's tasty. Double ayam special for me!

donaldck said...

same here!! i had one for the first time on the way back from Aur after diving. it was really GOOD! fattening but worth it!