Sunday, May 22, 2005

First Choice "Lemon Juice"

It's rare to find lemonade in Singapore, so I got excited when I saw this freshly-squeezed "Lemon Juice" (I checked the ingredients list to make sure that they really meant lemonade, not pure lemon juice).

But this sucked. They used fructose instead of real sugar and it tastes horrendously artificial. It certainly doesn't compare to Hot Dog on a Stick in California (gotta love the employees in those ridiculous outfits pumping up and down on that lemon-mashing shaft in the bucket).

Well, this isn't all for naught. I found a nice way to drink this crap by mixing it with soda water (in the background of the photo), thus making what the Vietnamese call soda chanh. actually works well.


lily said...

I miss pink lemonade in the US. We just don't see lemonade in Asian countries much. Maybe more coconut? Btw, I like your blog and hope you don't mind I added your link to my page.

Miss Daisy said...

Try the gourmet supermarkets tucked behind Orchard Rd (opp wisma atria) or the ones in Serene Centre, Bukit Timah.
I'm sure they'll have it.

Lemonade isn't really a favourite of Asians in Singapore they prefer iced lime juice and sugar cane.
You can get that at all seafood stores/hawker fruit juice stores.

Good on hot days with seafood or with chicken rice.
Ask your Singaporean friends to bring you around - Singapore's filled with some really good local food an lots of bad ones too.

Miss Daisy said...

Oh..and DON'T EVER CHOOSE FIRST CHOICE its a disgusting supermarket house brand.
ALL supermarket house brands SUCK. :)

Happy eating!

Alice said...

I am a humongous fan of lemonade and limeade, so I couldn't resist commenting on this post. The only decent packaged lemonade is FLORIDAS NATURAL LEMONADE

ONLY get this lemonade. It tastes almost exactly like homemade lemonade, i.e atucking fantastic. If you live near any old shop you can get a lime juice for under 2 bucks, and the taste is rarely far off the mark