Tuesday, October 03, 2017

Golden Nur at Market Street Interim Hawker Centre

Fried Chicken Briyani

I was near Market Street Interim Hawker Centre (8 Cross Street) and needed a quick bite before heading back to the office. I had no idea which stalls were good, so I did a quick search online and this one showed up, and with a reasonably short line when I arrived too.

This "famous crispy fried chicken" was apparently the thing to get, except that it wasn't exactly the fried chicken that one probably assumes it to be. Instead, what made it crispy was this showering of red crunchy bits all over it. And yes, they did make it fun.

The biryani wasn't anywhere as fragrant as say, Bismillah, but I suppose that it didn't really matter when those fried bits and curry were all over it. It's just too bad then that the chicken was so dry that I didn't even bother to eat the rest of it.

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