Monday, September 11, 2017

Crack Shack in San Diego, California

The Royale with Classic Slaw

A chicken and egg sandwich didn't really sound like anything that I wanted after a long haul flight from Asia. Still, this was on the latest Eater 38 list, and it was en route from the airport to the hotel, so I stopped by and grabbed the first item on the menu along with some slaw (2266 Kettner Boulevard, 619-795-3299).

And I'm so glad that I did. It was delicious, and it was clear that they took a lot of care in the details, including everything from the texture of the muffin, the serving temperature, and the assembly and presentation of it all. It turns out that it's a casual outdoor extension of the high-end restaurant next door, which explains things.

I'd definitely like to come back, particularly to hit the bar given the huge array of taps and cocktails at hand. The pozole sounded interesting, as did the deviled eggs and even their salads. Thumbs up.

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