Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Irvine's Lime Truck Has Opened in Singapore

From front: beef rib taco the Gringo, fried chicky taco, grilled barramundi taco

I don't go to Orange County very frequently anymore, but I do recall The Lime Truck being mentioned frequently as one of the more popular food trucks there besides Kogi. It turns out that the Lime Truck folks have now opened up a stall at Suntec's Pasar Bella (3 Temasek Boulevard #01-K39). And yay, they make corn tortillas by hand here!

It's strange then that when I asked the guy for a recommendation, he pointed me towards the first two tacos on the list, saying that they were the only two that featured their special corn tortillas. He couldn't have been more wrong: they were the only two tacos that used *flour* tortillas, and I only realized it after they brought it out. Well, that aside, the tacos were indeed like something that one would get at a food truck in LA. And I ate them quickly, even if the "death sauce" wasn't that spicy.

One other weird thing: I got their "Legendary Brussel Sprouts," which surprisingly featured sweet Chinese lap cheong sausages. I've never been to their truck in the US, but I think they use bacon there instead, right? I can only assume that this was their way of giving it a local twist, but I wasn't a fan of it. So next time, pass on the Brussels sprouts and make an explicit request for corn tortillas only!

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