Sunday, August 06, 2017

Hong Kong's Mui Kee Congee at Casa Verde in Singapore

Fish Belly Congee

Mui Kee is a congee place from Hong Kong that has a pop-up at Les Amis' Casa Verde at Botanic Gardens (1 Cluny Road, 6467-7326) through the end of the year. I liked it, particularly the fish belly version above which had a lovely smoky aroma to it (the basic pork one, on the other hand, lacked such a fragrance). The porridge itself lacked discernable grains of rice, and yet was also rather thin - in a good way. I liked how they didn't hold back on the scallion, cilantro, and ginger garnishes either. Having said that though, I don't know if I'd rush to come back here. But if I do, I need to remember to get here before 8:45 AM on a Sunday as the lines were really starting to form at that time.

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