Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Zhanjiang Fishing Port in Shenzhen, China

Picking Seafood

To be clear, this isn't an actual fishing port, but rather just the name of the restaurant (50 Leyuan Road, 755-8222-6908). It's a very old school place that almost seems out of place in shiny modern Shenzhen now, but this street has a few big restaurants where you picked your live seafood out front before they took it in the back to cook it. Yes, I liked what we had, including a tasty steamed flatfish, crispy salted shrimp, two types of clams, and scallops with mung bean noodles on top (despite the loads of minced garlic on it!). Plus, it was relatively close to the Luohu border crossing so that I could quickly get back down to Hong Kong afterwards.

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