Thursday, July 06, 2017

Trying Out Sarawak Kan-Pua Mee in Malaysia

Sarawak Kan-Pua Mee

I had a few minutes before my next meeting here in Kuala Lumpur, so I hopped over to the Restoran Ming Tien hawker center (46 Jalan PJS 11/28a) for a quick lunch. I'm not sure if this was the same as the other Sarawak noodles that I've tried in the past, but fortunately this stall didn't overcook its noodles, and it all came with a nice earthy hit of shallots. The chili sauce was sweeter than I preferred, but ultimately it still came together well. They had another version that seemed to be done in a bit of dark soy sauce, which I also inhaled quickly. Each plate was only 6 ringgit (US$1.40) too; what a bargain!

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