Monday, July 17, 2017

Tokyo's Shitamchi Tendon Akimitsu in Singapore

Signature Tendon

This shop from Asakusa has finally opened its doors at Plaza Singapura (68 Orchard Road #04-65, 6264-3390). I didn't realize until I got there that it was run by Japan Food Holdings, which has brought in a ton of other Japanese brands including Ajisen, Musashi, Kazokutei, Keika, Butao, Osaka Ohsho, and Yonehachi, often with mixed results. The free chawanmushi and tubs of bean sprouts and cabbage on each table (a la Keisuke) weren't very encouraging either.

So it was to no surprise then that I didn't like this bowl. I tried not to hold any preconceived notions based upon how run-down those other brands have become over here, but this bowl was just too soggy and oily, and honestly made me feel kind of gross afterwards. Actually, I've never been that big of a fan of tendon in the first place, but if I had to eat it, then my preference is for Kohaku, especially since I'm told that Tensho has gotten dramatically worse since I last ate there too.

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Janalin said...

ahhhhh, oily is a dead no-no. I have been to tensho so if its worse than tensho, then i'll give it a miss. I heard this other tempura place, Kogane Yama at Bugis....have you tried it?
thanks for all your food posts, i meant to thank you earlier but thot it abit cheesy and didn't want you to think i was being patronising. But my hubby and i dont go out much so we live vicariously through your blog. You help us sieve through the good, the bad and the ugly. So what rare times we do go out, we know where to make a beeline for.
Also, my hubby and i just LOVE it when you post on the US and overseas. We will definitely use them as guides. Thanks again for all your hard work (hey, eating is hard work too!)