Saturday, July 08, 2017

My First Taste of Singapore Field Rations

Field Rations

I've never served in the military before, but this packet of Singapore military field rations was given to me to try. The Thai-style stir-fried barley with chicken was more edible than I thought it would be, even if it was a bit sweet and if the chicken was dry.

Of course, this was clearly made with practicality in mind, and as such, it served its purpose, as I was able to store it without refrigeration, heat it up in less than five minutes, and also eat it in less than five minutes, all while relieving my hunger.

Perhaps the more interesting thing was the instructions on how to heat it, including not just emptying out the contents into a pan or putting the packet into boiling water, but also placing it on a hot car engine for ten minutes or leaving it out under the hot sun for 30 minutes. Practical, indeed.

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