Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Ms Tang Cafe in Kwun Tong, Hong Kong

Cilantro Broth

I'm not sure if I completely understood the story about this place, but apparently it's a bing sutt, or an old school coffee house that was originally from Yuen Long wayyyy out in the New Territories. The family has since expanded to Kwon Tong (55 King Yip Street, 2617-3238), and it still draws long lines at lunch time. So the local team suggested that we come here earlier in the morning.

They told me to get this bowl of soup noodles, which came in a selection of toppings and broths, including a popular tomato-based one. I got a cilantro-based one with beef and century eggs, and I liked it despite being borderline salty (the spicy hot sauce on the side kept it fun). Having looked it up just now though, it seems like they are famous for some kind of bun or sandwich. Maybe I'll get that next.

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