Wednesday, July 05, 2017

I Love Hokkien Mee in Puchong Jaya, Malaysia

Hokkien Mee

No, that's not a declaration above. The name of the place really is I Love Hokkien Mee (14 Jalan Kenari 11, 012-515 6121). But I wouldn't disagree with the name either, as this greasy salty plate of carbs topped with bits of pork lard was just the thing that we needed after a few rounds of drinks tonight. And yes, I'm still a bigger fan of the dark Malaysian version than the Singaporean one.

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Unknown said...

Hey dude have been following your blog since 2005. Finally have something to recommend : I noticed u used to like Banh MI
Try the Banh MI with crackling pork from Phology stall in Asia Sq food court