Sunday, July 16, 2017

Café&Meal MUJI at Paragon in Singapore

Basic Set 1- Japanese Style

I ate here once before (290 Orchard Road #04-36, 6735-0123), but it was so forgettable that I never really had much interest in coming back again. Still, the place opens at 10 AM daily, which fit our schedule today, so we stopped by here to grab one of these "basic sets."

Most of it - particularly the miso soup - was rather boring; the only thing I really liked was the egg. But it was MUJI after all (not that different from eating at IKEA, I suppose), and ultimately it was a pretty good deal at S$8.80 (US$6.40), especially for something so healthy.

It was only after paying did I realize where their margins really were: the soy and sansho fries, which went for a whopping S$6.90 (US$5.00), not to mention the many drinks (like tea) running for S$5.90 (US$4.30). So now I know: next time, stick to just the basic sets if I want to save money.

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