Friday, June 09, 2017

Yonpachi Gyojo at UE Square in Singapore

Jyako Pakuchi Shio Yako

The Tsukada Nojo folks opened an izakaya at UE Square a number of months ago, and I only managed to give it a try tonight (205 River Valley Road #01-75, 6723-3110). Their bijin nabe was on the menu, but I went for the little things, like a sesame sauce sashimi that is apparently common in Fukuoka as well as that tofu above (cilantro, salt, and dried fish on top; what's not to like?). They were rather bold with their flavors here, and I liked it all, including a wonderfully crispy stone-roasted mentaiko and shirasu butter rice to finish. The only drawback? It wasn't cheap. But it was probably the best food that I've eaten all week.

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