Thursday, June 29, 2017

My Banh Mi Saigon in Singapore

Bánh mì

When I first saw this bánh mì shop at Tanjong Pagar Centre a few weeks ago, I had zero interest in it. The menu looked terrible, especially with it featuring sauces like soy wasabi (!). But then I read that this place was owned by Bobby Chinn's dad. Really? OK, let's give it a shot then (1 Wallich Street #B2-23, 8608-8728).

Whoa, it was pretty darned good. The bread was light, crisp, and airy, and the roasted pork that I got was delicate, all complemented with some refreshing garnish inside. Plus the black pepper sauce that I got wasn't as annoying as I thought it would be. I ate it so quickly that I nearly went back for another one.

Yes, I'm definitely coming back, although I'm still skeptical about the other ingredients and sauces. Plus, I need to remember to ask if they'd be willing to add more sliced chili peppers since there was just no heat in this one. In that sense, I still like Bami Express because of their potent Vietnamese chilis upon request.

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