Sunday, May 14, 2017

Boulevard Kitchen & Oyster Bar in Vancouver, Canada

Boulevard smoked salmon, cucumber gazpacho, rye soil, citrus creme fraiche, pea tendril

That photo wasn't shot from the best angle, but it still does a good job of showing what this place did for Mother's Day brunch today (845 Burrard Street, 604-642-2900). On the right was their smoked wild salmon accompanying a cucumber gazpacho, which was perfumed nicely with dill weed. We were happy with the other items we got too, like a Sunday roast (mmm...bone marrow gravy!), crab and avocado Eggs Benedict, and asparagus salad featuring an oozing duck egg and smoked ikura. Even the little buttery corn bread to start was enough to convince me that this place is worth coming back to for dinner one day.

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