Monday, May 29, 2017

Ai Daodan Shougong Danbing in Taipei, Taiwan

Manual Cabbage Omelette

I was headed to a nearby outlet of Yonghe Doujiang for breakfast this morning when I spotted this stall across the street (4-2 Shaoxing South Street, +886-2-2351-5705). I figured that I'd give this a shot instead, not only because it was something that I hadn't tried before, but also because they had seating outside, so hopefully I wouldn't leave the place smelling like grease. They recommended this "manual cabbage omelette," which I can only assume was meant to say *handmade* omelette but was just poorly translated on their signage. Actually, it really wasn't much of an omelet as it was more of a rolled up jianbing-like thing with egg, cabbage and cheese shoved inside. It only dawned on me afterwards that I made the same mistake I made last night: I should've asked the kitchen to make it spicy. Without it, this thing was honestly rather boring.

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