Sunday, April 16, 2017

Trying Out Some Seng Choon Carrot Eggs

Seng Choon Carrot Eggs

I'd seen this on the supermarket shelves for a while now, but was always curious: what the heck is a carrot egg? Is it supposed to taste like carrot? Or more likely, perhaps were the hens fed on a diet of carrots, perhaps making the eggs taste sweeter? Or maybe it was just that the yolk was more orange in color?

I had no idea what the answer was. But we needed some eggs last night so I figured this was a chance to give it a try. It honestly didn't taste any different from your everyday egg. Granted, I'm hardly one to be able to recognize the difference in taste if there were one, but right now I'm just shrugging my shoulders.

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bma said...

Ah, so this link explains carrot eggs: the hens aren't fed carrots, but rather "alfalfa or marigold petals, which produce yolks high in lutein content. It also lends a distinct orange colour to the yolks...[Lutein is] a nutrient that aids in the prevention of cataracts and macular degeneration in the eye and also vitamin A and E."