Sunday, March 26, 2017

Kamukura Dining: Soup With Noodles in Tokyo

Oishi ramen with sliced roast pork (small size) and soft-boiled seasoned egg

Here's another place that came up in conversation last night. And they conveniently had an outlet at Ebisu station where we were transiting this afternoon.

The shouyu broth was pretty good, especially with its complex onion-laced depth yet still being clear and crisp. But I was disappointed in the pork, which wasn't fatty enough. I wasn't a fan of the yellow noodles, and the cabbage was a distraction too; it would've been better had they grilled or sautéed it in advance.

There were an array of condiments available, including negi, minced raw garlic, and chili paste, but I still couldn't get it to a point where I liked it. Oh well.

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