Friday, March 31, 2017

Ebi Shouyu Ramen from Jimoto Ya, Singapore

Ebi Shouyu Ramen

These guys were on my way back to the office today, so I figured I'd stop in to finally give their fried rice a try. It wasn't available though, so I went for the shouyu ramen instead. Yes, the broth was good (aromatic, crisp, and deliciously oily), as was the ajitama (as smooth and flavorful as I recall it being last time). But those were the only pleasant things to speak of.

They were so understaffed that I waited at least 30 minutes for that bowl above, and the restaurant wasn't even full. Worse, the noodles were too soft, and the karaage was stone cold, as if it'd been sitting around for perhaps the same 30 minutes...and weirdly using some kind of cereal flake rather than batter. I don't know if I want to try the fried rice anymore, at least, not until they get their act in order.

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