Monday, December 12, 2016

Genting Cafe in Penang, Malaysia

Chee Cheong Fun

So apparently this hawker center on the way up to George Town is famous for one particular chee cheong fun stall (Lorong Delima 3). It certainly had the longest line this morning: after waiting for about ten minutes, I finally got up to the front.

I can see why people like this stall, as the ingredients were of decent quality, with tightly wrapped rice noodles and three different sauces on thrown on them. But for me, the sauces were too sweet; it was almost like eating candy.

Sure, people who like candy would all over this, but I nearly didn't want to finish. I was actually much more impressed with the char kway teow stall, which had some generous bits of fat in it, as well as prawn noodle featuring little dried shrimp.

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