Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Ferringhi Garden Restaurant in Penang, Malaysia

Grilled Tiger Prawn A'La Malaysian

I suppose that such places are inevitable in a resort-strewn neighborhood like this (34 Jalan Batu Ferringhi, +60-4-881-1193): a full-service restaurant appealing to tourists with not just a wine list, but also a menu mixed with both "Western" and local flavors. Food-wise, that's pretty much exactly what we got, with those tiger prawns above grilled on a fire and topped with a local ginger and laksa-leaf based sauce, if I tasted it correctly. To be sure, the prawns were pretty fresh, and I was still able to scoop out a bit of rich headfat from those enough to be content with my order, despite the accompanying (presumably frozen) crinkle-cut fries.

Actually, the thing that *did* impress me about this restaurant was the decor. Most places like this try to do a cozy tropical villa feel but fail in some critical aspect like ventilation or insects. These guys nailed it, filling the place with beautiful flora and foliage, hitting it all with the right lighting, and even providing a spotless and plush set of restrooms. And this is coming from someone who never cares about a restaurant's decor. I won't come here for the food, but the garden is such a nice venue that I'd be happy to sit here for a few hours over drinks.

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