Wednesday, October 05, 2016

My First Hanjeongsik in Korea


When we arrived at our lunch venue today (I can't read Korean but Google Translate tells me that it's Gyeong-Wongung in Hwaseong, +82 31-267-0996), there was a big sign that said that it served Korean barbecue. But upon sitting down, I realized that it was only served for dinner. At lunch time, these guys are known instead for hanjeongsik, or a traditional Korean set of random dishes.

And it was a huge spread at only KRW 15,000 (US$13.50), so much that frankly it's a shame to think of all of the leftover food that we wasted. The scary thing is that one could've asked for free refills of most of the stuff too. Well, it all tasted fine, and was certainly much nicer than being served cafeteria-style. But I won't get cravings for this.

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