Monday, October 17, 2016

Hut's Hamburgers in Austin, Texas

Mel's Number 2

On one of my first trips to Austin many years ago, I noticed this place in passing (807 West 6th Street, 512-472-0693). Tonight, I finally had a chance to give it a try, getting that burger above, which featured local Texan longhorn grass-fed beef along with some huge black pepper onion rings. Sure, I liked it, especially when tasting the patty on its own.

It's just too bad then that nearly every burger on the menu was loaded with so many condiments that I can't imagine how one would taste the beef. I got the most minimalist one, which was just pickles and onions, and even then the pickles totally dominated the taste. Next time I should try to get a double patty and see if they can limit it to just onions and mayo.

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