Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Oren's Hummus Shop in Cupertino, California

Clockwise from bottom: hummus mushrooms, untraditional tabule, Oren's eggplant, cauliflower fries

This was the hummus shop that I saw in downtown Palo Alto the other day; they've opened up an outlet at the new Main Street Cupertino (19419 Stevens Creek Boulevard Suite #100, 408-982-5832). It was a well decorated place with a nice breeze passing through, and their cauliflower fries in particular were delicious. That Israeli Goldstar lager was very drinkable too.

It's too bad then that both the hummus and pita bread were a letdown. To be sure, we still polished through it all, especially with some of that potent green chili sauce that they had on the side. But for a shop that was dedicated to hummus, I was expecting it as well as their pita bread to blow me away, and they didn't.

Worse, the service was totally crumbling under the weight of the lunch crowd today. There were tons of staff, but somehow we kept getting ignored. Yes, they seemed really busy, but there were also still other empty tables around. Maybe it's because they are still relatively new.

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