Sunday, September 11, 2016

A Selection of Food Trucks from the South Bay

Scotty 2 Hottie Pizza

OK, that mini pizza above isn't actually from a food truck, but rather a restaurant in Los Gatos called Oak & Rye who ran a stand at today's Almaden Valley Art & Wine Festival. The "Scotty to Hottie" pizza above featured an pleasantly surprising contrast of pepperoncini oil and honey, and perhaps was the best thing out of the entire lot.

Fish Tacos

And that's in part since these fish tacos from the Shark Bait food truck were a pretty big letdown, particularly since the batter was way too tough (seriously, it's amazing how many places can't get fish tacos right). They also had a "special orange" sauce that I assume was inspired by La Vic's, but I could barely taste it.

Adobo Glazed Wings

Likewise, these wings from the West Wing food truck were a bit tough too. Granted, I only had a taste of some of the adobo glazed ones after they had been sitting around for a while, so maybe some fresh ones in the salt and pepper (or even Sriracha flavor) might've been better.

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