Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Terra-Tokyo Italian Restaurant on Tras Street, Singapore


The first time I tried coming to this place, it was completely full (it was not long after they got their Michelin star). I figured that it'd be similar today, so I wasn't even going to try. But when I was walking by on my lunch break, I literally stopped in my tracks and turned back around, as I could see through the glass door that there was seating available. The place was beautifully decorated, and they gave me a spot at the counter (54 Tras Street, 6221-5159).

So as the name suggests, this is an Italian restaurant done by a Japanese chef using ingredients from Japan. Well, most of it was: that beef above was from New Zealand, and I suppose that one couldn't really expect Japanese beef given that this four course omakase set was priced at S$59 (US$43)...although they did have much more expensive triple-digit tiers that probably got you some upgrades. Even at this (relatively) lower price point, the ingredients were still of high quality, particularly the Hokkaido scallops that they brought out as a starter. This was indeed fine dining.

But somehow the food just didn't do it for me. Of course he was being respectful of the ingredients, but nothing that they brought out made me pump my fist and smile about how awesome it was. Moreover, the service wasn't what I'd expected of a Michelin-starred place: the staff had a surprisingly cold attitude, and they weren't very attentive either. Now, I'm still happy to come here if someone else wants to pay the bill, but my wallet won't be returning.

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