Sunday, August 14, 2016

iO Italian Osteria at HillV2 Shopping Mall, Singapore

Tender Meatballs in Hearty Tomato Sauce

A former teammate of ours who referred me to La Braceria many years ago mentioned to me the other day that iO (4 Hillview Rise #02-01, 6710-7150) was his favorite Italian place in Singapore now. We came down here today to check it out.

I can see why he likes it. Even just when walking in, it looked like this was going to be my kind of place. It was surprisingly large and nicely decorated, but also unpretentious. And the food was there to match it, including a not just those tender meatballs above, but also some porchetta, some creamy al coccio baked eggs, as well as a special paccheri pasta, which was cooked firmly, and sauced with some earthy spices.

Yes, I'm happily coming back, even if it is pretty darned far away. Next time I have to remember to look at the chalkboard before sitting down though, as I only realized on the way out that there were a ton of other specials that looked pretty good.

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