Sunday, June 26, 2016

Hong Kong's Honolulu Cafe in Singapore

Egg Tarts and Tea

Hong Kong cafes aren't really my kind of thing. So I wasn't in any rush to get out to the recently opened outlet of Honolulu Cafe either. Still, we were near Centrepoint today, and the line wasn't too bad. So we went in to gave it a try (176 Orchard Road #01-33, 6734-6609).

It's obligatory to get egg tarts and milk tea at a place like this, and this shop's egg tarts in particular were known for being flaky. They were indeed interesting to try, but I won't get them again. I'd much rather get the richer, moister taste of a shortbread-based crust.

I was much happier with their beef chow fun. It didn't have much smokiness to it, but it was still better than most other renditions around town, especially since they had proper Cantonese chili oil at each table. Next time I want to try their salted fish fried rice.

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