Thursday, June 09, 2016

Bali's Naughty Nuri's in Singapore

Indo Crack Chicken

When I first heard about this place, I immediately dismissed it. See, it is a restaurant from Bali that is known for its take on American barbecue ribs. Unless it was serving things like babi guling, I wasn't sure why would I eat here given how work often brings me out to places like Texas anyway. However, the other weekend these guys were present at the Market Hop where the delicious smell of their grill pervaded the place. It made for an easy dinner to bring home, and it was much better than I thought it would be.

It was wrong to look at this as American BBQ. It was Indonesian. Sure, the tender meat fell off the bone as it should, but the thing that really made this exciting was that dark smoky and slightly sweet soy sauce loaded up with dried chili peppers. So I've been coming to their restaurant at Capitol Piazza (11 Stamford Road #01-84, 6384-7966) to try out their other things including that "Indonesian crack chicken" above. It was actually quite similar to the ribs in the sense of not just the seasonings but also how tender and juicy it was, all with the added bonus of being boneless! The crispy pig ears that I got on the side were delicious too.

That's not to say that everything here was perfect. I ordered some asparagus the other day that was so tough that it was almost inedible. I also ordered a "PSML" burger that was inspired by Malaysia's Ramly Burger; it tasted fine, but the kitchen took forever making it. And honestly all of the food here is so loaded up with sodium that it can make you feel pretty sick and thirsty afterwards. Still, I like this place enough that I know that I'm coming back many times. I'd like to try the grilled fish, as well as some of the more standard Indonesian dishes on the menu such as nasi goreng.

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