Friday, May 27, 2016

The Providore's Organic Quinoa Salad

Organic Quinoa Salad

Kicker+Bockers had a shockingly long 40 minute wait at 1:30 PM today, so I went upstairs to the new Raffles Place outlet of The Providore instead to grab a quick bite (7 Raffles Place, 6533-1352). They had an organic quinoa salad, which I figured would be fast and healthy. The good thing is that it was indeed very fast and healthy, but I was also shocked by how stingy they were with the quinoa on this thing. What you see in the photo above is basically all of the quinoa that they gave. Instead of quinoa being the base of the salad, it was a mere topping. It still tasted fine, but for S$18.50 (US$13.40), I'm not ordering that again.

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