Sunday, May 29, 2016

Bafang Meiermei in Taipei, Taiwan

Lamb Fried Rice

I didn't have much time to explore tonight, as I still had a pile of work to get to before a long week ahead. So I hopped out of the hotel here in Taipei and tried to find something fast. This place had a good number of people in it, so I went up to the guy and asked for a recommendation. He said the most popular thing was fried rice, so I got one with lamb (3 Nanyang Street, 2370-3830).

The good thing was that the lamb was kinda fatty without being too stinky. But the rice was kinda mushy and without any smokiness to it. The chili sauce was a bore too (how much better it would have been if they simply had some simple red chili oil!). Still, it was only NT$65 (US$2), so it's not like I was in any position to complain. Besides, it came out in the blink of an eye, letting me get back to my room quickly.

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