Tuesday, April 05, 2016

"Pasta" in United Airlines Cattle Class


I dozed off briefly after we took off, only to be awoken by a flight attendant yelling, "Sir, chicken or pasta?" Still in a daze, I shrugged, to which the flight attendant forcibly nudged, "the pasta is good." I didn't really care at that point, and just gave in.

To my surprise, this thing was actually half-decent. It was ravioli smothered in an arrabiata-like sauce, and was somewhat spicy at that. I mean, it was hot enough that kids might struggle with it, so I'm surprised that they served this at all.

Indeed, I liked it enough to even scoop up the leftover sauce with a spoon. Note to self: United has beefed up the spread at the lounges too, including things like soup, salad, and hummus, even if I was still happy to have eaten at Burger Joint outside.

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