Monday, March 14, 2016

Tsuiteru Maido at Boat Quay, Singapore


Another Japanese shop has opened at Boat Quay (69 Boat Quay, 6532-0424). I read something that said that their lunchtime special was unadon, so I grabbed one of those. Yes, it was a pretty good deal at only S$17 (US$12), especially since you could get up to 270g of rice with it. It was only after I looked it up though that I realized that this was run by the Omotenashi Gosso guys, and specializing in kushikatsu at that. I'll try to come back later this week then to give it a try.

Epilogue: I tried the kushikatsu don, and was a bit let down by how it came out, largely because they pre-sauced the kushikatsu. But I suppose that was inevitable when it was a donburi. Maybe I should try coming here for dinner for a proper run of their food instead.

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