Thursday, March 31, 2016

Blowtorches and Waffles at a Corporate Event

Fill 'R Up Gastro Garage

I love it when corporate events pull in food trucks! I wasn't expecting it tonight. I thought it'd be some nasty buffet from the convention center again, but to my surprise, they had food trucks, including the Cheese Gone Wild guy from the other day. That, and these dudes doing some kind of crazy things with blowtorches.

Piston Pizza Tank

They're called the Fill 'R Up Gastro Garage, and they were doing these savory brioche-style donuts injected with nitrous foam (it was started by a guy who used to work at The Bazaar in LA). I had one with thin strips of beef on it as well as this one with mozzarella. Yeah, it was tasty and fun to eat. I could have easily eaten more but I wanted to save my stomach space for the other stuff...

Chicken & Waffle Slider with Serrano Peppers this chicken and waffle slider from a truck called the Waffle Roost. The waffle itself was a bit sweet, but ultimately I didn't mind given how the chicken was surprisingly tender and juicy, all while being spiked with some pleasantly spicy slices of serrano peppers. Yum.

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