Saturday, February 20, 2016

Returning to Cal Pep in Barcelona


I was getting pretty hungry and it was approaching Cal Pep's opening hour, so I hopped in a cab and made my way over. Actually, it looks like their opening time is now 1:15 PM instead, but it's still good that I got there early, as they seated people at the counter in sequence, and I barely made the cutoff. Everyone else had to suddenly had to stand around waiting for a seat.

They were serving the exact same thing as last time, like those clams above, followed by some deep fried shrimp and fish, as well as an omelette with aioli smeared on top. I was still a little hungry after that though, so they brought me a tuna tartare, which was surprisingly unseasoned. I shoulda asked for those razor clams that I saw my neighbors eating. It was still fun watching the kitchen in action either way.

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ceadsearc said...

hey! if you have the time, try Cinc Sentits! really good grub and not that pricey for 1 michelin.