Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Hyang Yeon Korean Kitchen on Amoy Street


To be sure, this place is not in the hawker center, but rather in the shophouses behind it, across from Wanton Seng's and not far from Aloha Poke (80 Amoy Street, 6221-6368). Unlike the bazillions of Korean BBQ places around here, this place focuses on chulpan yori, or a Korean teppanyaki, if you will.

That probably set the wrong expectations for me, as they seemed to have grilled it in the back of the shop, and then kept it warm on this plate. It tasted fine, but wasn't anything so spectacular that I'll get cravings for it. Still, that bulgogi that I saw on the menu looked interesting enough that I wouldn't mind coming back to try it.

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