Monday, December 21, 2015

Ramen Dining Tamaranbai on Stanley Street


Whoa, talk about confusing. Just earlier in the year, this place was called Shabuyaki Kazuya, a place that oddly served ramen from Suzuki for lunch and then shabu-yaki from Japan's Sanbyakuya at night (17 Stanley Street, 9062-6379). Then a couple of months ago, this place started calling itself Tamaranbai instead, and it featured food from Teppei, including lunchtime ramen. Huh? Teppei is doing ramen now? I went by to give it a try.

Well, it certainly had Teppei's touches, like an all-you-can-eat osozai bar of side dishes. And as with other Teppei places, there wasn't anything special in terms of ingredients, but at least it was very affordable and all done in a pretty authentic manner. But it seems Teppei wasn't behind the ramen after all: it still looks like it's Suzuki's, whereas Teppei runs the place at night when it transforms into an izakaya.

Wait - there's more! They feature gyoza from Gyoza no Ohsho here (which on its own, should not to be confused with Osaka Ohsho). But I thought it was Sanji that did the partnership with Gyoza no Ohsho? OK so let's try this again. Kazuya is now Tamaranbai. It still serves Suzuki's ramen for lunch, but dinner is now an izakaya from Teppei rather than shabu-yaki from Sanbyakuya. And they also serve gyoza from Gyoza no Ohsho, just as Sanji does. But that's not to be confused with Osaka Ohsho. Got it?

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