Sunday, December 20, 2015

Otaru Shokudou at Ramen Champion GWC

Bukkake Zuke Don

It looks like the Ramen Champion folks swapped out Tsubohachi at Bugis for something called Otaru Suisan, a seafood-focused izakaya done in partnership with some famous tuna wholesaler called Misaki Megumi Suisan. And at the Great World City outlet of Ramen Champion, they dubbed it Otaru Shokudou, focusing on kaisendon. I went in to check it out.

I really wanted an uni bowl that I saw on the menu. But since these guys were tuna wholesalers, I went for this bukkake zuke don instead. Too bad that it wasn't anything that I'd be willing to wait for again. To be sure, I did go for the cheapest item on the menu, so maybe if I cough up more, I might like it. But this thing just wasn't worth the time nor the money.

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Unknown said...

Bukkake? They really call it that?!