Tuesday, October 20, 2015

The Beast Southern Kitchen + Bourbon Bar

Corn Dogs

I needed something before heading home tonight, and I didn't want to spend too much money either. So I went down to The Beast (17 Jalan Klapa, 6295-0017), as I remembered seeing some kind of a S$1 (US$0.70) happy hour bar bites menu last time I was there.

Not surprisingly though, there was a catch, as you had to order in each item in quantities of three (thus effectively being S$3, or US$2.15 per portion). They couldn't have been big portions at those prices either, as you can see in those mini corn dogs above. The mac and cheese was shaped into little puck-sized disks and fried...again, with three of them at S$3.

And of course, they make up for it in the alcohol (my S$18 or US$13 cocktail was one of the cheapest cocktails available, and yet it exceeded by food costs multiple times). Maybe next time I'll pass on the drinks and just get a proper S$24 (US$17) serving of chicken fried steak. Or maybe the S$20 (US$14) chicken and waffles, which I kinda liked last time I was here.

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