Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Grub Noodle Bar at FIV五 Square

Dry Beef Brisket

I was always kinda curious about that large Han's outlet at Great Eastern Centre, but I never went in. Now, it's been taken over by the guys at FIV五 and turned into a fancy food court, so I went there for lunch today to see if it were any good (1 Pickering Street #01-03).

Yeah, it was pretty darned nice for a food court, with a surprising amount of space for one to sit at, even during the busy lunch hour. Each of the stalls was fitted with a kiosk-based ordering system that sends you a text message when your food is ready. I skimmed each of the menus and ended up getting this bowl of beef noodles from a stall called Grub.

The noodles were a bit too soft, while the meatballs were a bit dry, but I still liked this thing enough to eat it quickly, especially with those deliciously thin cuts of meat on the side. I'll come back for this (especially since they take credit cards!), but I doubt that I'd try any of the other stalls. Teppei was here too, BTW.

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