Thursday, September 24, 2015

Water Grill in San Diego, California

Clam Chowder

It was only when I looked it up just now did I realize that this was actually the same Water Grill that I used to eat at back when I used to work in downtown Los Angeles many years ago. I mean, I recognized the name, but the decor of the San Diego outlet (615 J Street, 619-717-6992) was so different that I assumed that it was a completely different place, using the words Water Grill more generically instead.

And actually, it was precisely the decor that drew me in here: classy yet casual wood paneling in a refreshingly breathable open air environment. I grabbed that chowder above, as well as some stuff from the raw bar, including a wild local red rock crab from Santa Barbara. The latter's meat was fine like a dungeness but not anywhere as fragrant. Well, I wanted to get something local, and this did the job, even if it all was a bit pricey.

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