Friday, September 25, 2015

Sights From a Couple of Supermarkets in Tijuana


I walked down the streets of Tijuana this afternoon and stopped by a couple of supermarkets in the process. As expected, they had things like huge baskets of dried chilies as well as trays full of fresh salsa for you to scoop into containers if you wanted.

Sidral Mundet

I was getting pretty thirsty though, so I grabbed a quick soda from the cooler, this one being an apple flavor. I preferred the bottle of PeƱafiel Naranja that I got last night instead, as it was much lighter.

Spanish Canned Seafood

And actually, these weren't Mexican, but Spanish. I nearly bought a couple of them given my fascination with canned seafood, particularly gulas. But it probably won't be very easy to bring home, so I passed.

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