Friday, July 24, 2015

Kanda Wadatsumi Japanese Dining, Singapore


This place came up as an idea for lunch today (50 Tras Street, 6221-6264), in part since it had some kind of tie up with a Japanese fisherman's association, but also since they were doing some kind of omakase set for only S$60 (US$43).

Yeah, I liked it, particularly some kind of a seared sea bream (if I heard them correctly), as well as our final course of sushi at the end. That wagyu above was tender and seasoned nicely as well.

Still, if given the choice, I'd rather go to Mitsuya a few doors down, as they are more sushi-focused. This place reminded me more of Gaoyu in Taipei, where mostly cooked dishes came before sushi closed the meal.

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