Sunday, June 07, 2015

Yechun Xiao Jiang Nan in Singapore

Shredded Tofu Soup

I was running an errand at Marina Square today and was going to grab a quick bite at Pita Pan when something looked different about that Jiangnan restaurant next door (6 Raffles Boulevard #02-181, 6333-4038). The menu looked different this time, and it was interesting enough to pull me in. It turns out that the former Supreme Tastes did a re-launch after partnering up with a famous mainland Chinese chain called Yechun, including training from their chefs and a revamp of the menu...for the better.

They took care in things like finely shredding their tofu, and that soup above was delicate too. More importantly, their dumplings were surprisingly fun to eat, as they were laced with just enough lard to give a nice smoky punch without being too swine-y (they even had one dumpling that came with a plastic straw). To be sure, a lot of the other items on the menu didn't look that great (nor did the buffet), and I'm not sure why someone would come here to order Sichuan dishes either. But I'll happily come back here again.

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