Sunday, June 14, 2015

I Want My Noodle at Shaw Centre, Singapore

Pork Noodle

This wasn't our original destination. We were actually waiting to be seated at the new Shaw Centre outlet of Ippudo when I saw a sign behind me with a picture of a raw egg sitting in flour. Upon closer inspection, it said that they make their own egg noodles, so we immediately ditched Ippudo and headed downstairs (1 Scotts Road #03-14/15, 9758-3037). My hopes were pretty high.

Too high, perhaps. Sure, the noodles were springy, but that's about the only thing I liked about it. The taste of both this pork bowl above as well as a prawn bowl were forgettable (i.e., there was nothing punchy in there like some dark Chinese vinegar, nor did they make use of those prawns to make a nice aromatic headfat-based broth). The noodles themselves didn't really have much of a taste either, unlike say Mak's in Hong Kong, which to me is truly an egg noodle.

That's too bad. They had a lot of the right ingredients in there, including bits of crispy pork lard. But it just didn't come together into anything exciting (I'd rather go to A Noodle Story). The only thing that I did like here was the salad, which didn't even have any noodles in it. If I do come back, then I'll get a salad and a bowl of the plain noodles, hoping that I might be able to spike it with some of the condiments on the table.

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