Monday, June 15, 2015

Chen Fu Ji at Riverside Point in Singapore

Golden Imperial Fried Rice

It's hard not to notice when a restaurant has a brightly lit sign boasting about its "Ultimate Fried Rice." I wasn't sure whether to believe it or not, but the tagline got me curious either way. Yet somehow I never managed to make my way here despite passing by it at least a million times. Tonight, I finally had a chance to see if it was as great as they claimed (30 Merchant Road #02-31, 6533-0166).

It wasn't. I immediately cringed upon my first bite, as those fine shreds of egg surrounding it were slightly sweet. More disappointingly, there was no smoky wok hei aroma to it, which is the very least that I would have expected of it. They charged a whopping S$25 (US$19) for that single serving above, which perhaps was due to the crab meat on top. But it really didn't add anything to the dish in the end.

Ultimate Fried Rice? Hardly. To me, the ultimate fried rice is one that has diced wagyu fat in it, or at the very least, a Cantonese salted fish fried rice. And this place definitely couldn't beat Gyoza no Ohsho's chahan, or even Soup Restaurant's ginger fried rice. I should have known better when I sat down and noticed all of the tourists seated around me.

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Anonymous said...

Hihi, keep those wonderful blogposts coming!

I had the opportunity to try their crabmeat fried rice when the two elderly sisters were at the helm of the kitchen ( about 2 decades ago ). We waited 1 hour before our first dish arrived. The other tables were all waiting impatiently but no one complained because everything was done by the sisters. They had no helpers at all. Goodness, that meal took 3 hours! Other than the uber fresh crab meat, the fried rice was nothing to shout about. The rest of the dishes failed to impress too.