Thursday, April 16, 2015

Adrift by David Myers at Marina Bay Sands

Bánh Mì

Marina Bay Sands has another celebrity chef restaurant now, and this time it's on the hotel side rather than the mall/casino side (10 Bayfront Avenue, 6688-5657). Actually, I'd never heard of this guy, but he's from LA and apparently has spent time with folks like Daniel Boulud and Charlie Trotter. His place just started serving lunch a couple of weeks ago, and fortunately I was nearby today, so I popped on in for the prix fixe menu.

I liked it a lot. The meal started with a kale salad along with some rice crackers and popcorn of all things, and I gobbled it all down. The flavors were pretty bold; almost borderline *too* bold, but still being manageable enough that I was still able to enjoy it. Nice homemade ginger beer too.

And yes, that's his take on bánh mì above. I was a bit worried at first given how soft the bread was, but then I realized that I shouldn't compare it to traditional bánh mì. This thing was awesome on its own, with very thin yet tasty slices of beef that amusingly came with a bit of au jus like a French Dip sandwich (how very LA indeed). And those sliced chilies packed some serious heat. I'll easily come back here again.

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