Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Olive Oil Shootout: France, Italy, and California

From left: Castelas, San Giuliano, and McEvoy Ranch

Time for an olive oil tasting. I got the one on the left as a present...and some award-winning one from Provence at that. It was pretty mild and smooth at first, but then it came back with a very strong bite of spiciness at the end. I would have thought that the Silician one in the center would be spicier, but instead it was just well-balanced.

The little bottle on the right was from Petaluma. I picked it up at San Francisco Airport of all places, and because I was bringing it on the plane as a carry-on, that little taster size was the biggest one that I could get. It was definitely the punchiest one of the three. I should buy a bigger one next time, and hopefully find a way to check it in.

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Unknown said...

This weeks Splendid Table podcast had a tasting of California olive oil.